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The Inspirus Visa Counseling program is a comprehensive program with personalized guidance from a group of dedicated visa expert counselors. The team comprises of individuals with expertise in F1- student Visas.

Our Approach to Visa Counseling

Psychological Preparation

  • Visa Counseling is a psychological process where students need to develop the correct mindset and learn to answer questions to the point. We conduct intensive 8 to 10 mock visa interviews for students under expert guidance with feedback, strategies and the correct approach to answer questions experienced in visa interviews.

Financial and Academic Visa Documents

  • The Visa process requires the preparation of correct academic, financial and other supporting documents that the interviewer would sometimes require for verifications during the interview. We guide students in this respect by sharing correct document formats and dealing with every student at an individual level. Sponsors are advised and extensively supported during the financial planning and preparation stage for visa. Individual financial backgrounds are analyzed and correct presentation approaches are elected.