Counselor support at KIC Education is responsible for realizing over 5000+ dreams in the past two decades. We have helped students secure admission in Undergraduate programs in a variety of esteemed U.S and International institutions, including IVY league institutions

Our Undergraduate Admission Counseling program is comprehensive and offers personalized guidance from a group of dedicated individuals, who are all specialists in their respective fields. The team comprises of individuals who have travelled extensively in the US and the collective experience of the team is more than 30 years.

Our Approach to Undergraduate Admission Counseling

Stage 1: General Guidance  and Selection of Universities

  • Conducting SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis for students to help us understand their strengths and weaknesses. SWOT also helps students identify opportunities and threats in the economy as far as their program choice is concerned so that they can make correct career and program decisions

  • Aptitude evaluation interviews and discussions for selection of an appropriate program and area of specialization

  • Sessions on understanding the International educational systems

  • Profile building in terms of elective to be taken, projects to be done, extra activities to be indulged in

  • Selection of universities on the basis of student’s strengths, career goals, academic credentials, general background, KIC alumni feedback, financial aid opportunities, the university’s placement history and popularity of a specific program at a university; to name a few.

Stage 2 : Guidance for application preparation

  • Sessions on understanding how the admission process works

  • Assistance in preparation of recommendation letters, personal statements and essays (SOP’s)

  • Focus on writing effective admission essays with the help of an AEIOU file which makes essay writing interesting and competitive

  • Assistance in preparation of other relevant academic and financial documents

  • Assistance in filling out all application forms with the help of a counselor

  • Thorough counseling for assistantships and other financial aid

  • Special guidance for maximizing aid opportunities

Stage 3 : Visa Counseling and Pre-departure Program

  • Interaction with parents (sponsors) for financial planning

  • Guidance for preparation of financial and academic documents

  • Intensive training for the visa interview up to 8 rounds of mock interviews

  • Special emphasis on psychological preparation for the visa

  • Assistance in filling the visa application form

  • Pre-departure seminars to ensure a smooth transition to a US university

KIC Students Currently at Top Universities

Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell

Public Ivy League schools including University of Texas, University of California, Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers, University of Maryland, University of Florida

Top engineering and science schools such as MIT, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Duke

Top business schools including Wharton, Stanford, University of Texas, Michigan, Kellogg, Tuck