Roshni Rangwai has scored 1560/1600 in the SAT

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“The staff at KIC guided me at every step. The classroom lectures were very useful and the teachers, experienced. The strategies taught by KIC were simply brilliant and I used those while giving the actual test.

I received specific instructions for different question types and my essays were rated almost instantaneously. Towards the end, I had the opportunity to give 20-30 tests, on the computer as well as in paper format. As a result, I was well prepared for the actual GRE.

I am grateful for the invaluable advice that I received. I attribute my good results to the KIC staff and their guidance. I would certainly recommend KIC to anyone planning to give the GRE for the expert guidance and thorough coaching.”

Ashwini Nene, India's First - GRE Score: 340/340
“KIC Education is a top-notch coaching class for all GRE aspirants. It covers all aspects of the exam. Moreover, the staff at KIC is very helpful, always encouraging and pushing students to do their best. The teachers too, are experienced and approachable. Doubt solving is both an interactive and an informative process. Essays are rated pretty close to actual GRE standards. Also, the number of practice tests is large and is pretty exhaustive when it comes to covering all parts of the GRE. The sheer expanse of resources at KIC(books, notes, etc.) is also an advantage for every student. KIC helped me achieve a score to my potential and I’m ever the grateful.”
Pranav Kundra, GRE Score: 338/340
“I liked the learning experience at KIC a lot. The tutors were good and very patient if I had difficulty with a topic. It was very nice to see that despite the time difference and lack of in person time together, KIC was still very committed keep having classes and doing practice tests. It was definitely difficult at times due to the time differences, busy schedules, and high expectations. But, the experience was still overall good and I appreciate the high level of effort put in by KIC”
English 32/36
Math 33/36
Reading 36/36
Science 29/36
Eshana Vora, ACT Score: 33/36
“KIC has been extremely helpful throughout this entire journey. From guidance regarding the material to be followed to the tests, everything was upto the mark. Not only was the access to tests at KIC unprecedented, but the feedback received from the faculty in various forms also was extremely helpful. I would like to specially thank Avani ma’am for her guidance and advise. This wouldn’t have been possible without her”
Rudresh Panchal, GRE Score: 334/340
I believe I made a good decision in choosing KIC. The lectures were good and the teachers gave useful strategies in solving questions. The counsellors were also very helpful and they gave me comprehensive study plans and test schedules.
The topic wise tests ensured that I revised each topic on time. At the same time, their schedule was flexible and so I could manage them along with regular college. In KIC, I solved plenty of full length tests before my exam which boosted my confidence and helped me analyze my strengths and weaknesses. Overall my experience with KIC was good and this class will surely be my recommendation to anyone who wants to crack the GRE.
Pallavi Kulkarni, GRE Score: 332/340
“KIC has been helpful alot since the starting process itself. Finding the university, fulfilling all the applications and documents & even the visa processes”
Zeel Sangoi, Undergraduate Student California College of Arts
“I’m a happy parent that I enrolled him into KIC because I realized that they follow a very hands-on approach with the child, infact their approach is very customized to every student , as a parent I have had many queries, I’ve had the apprehension, the trepidation that a parent would really go through, because it’s the child’s career & and future that we are looking forward to, And KIC I think is one of the best institution that parents can find to send their children to for further studies”
Mrs. Sangoi, Parent of a Student
“I am grateful to the faculty at KIC Education for providing a great learning environment that helped me in excelling in the SAT. The teachers were fabulous at explaining every minute detail and eager as well as prompt at solving whatever doubts I had even at odd hours. The testing and study materials both were very thorough and precise which helped me correct my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths; covering every topic of the test. My counselors also helped me through the application process and were present to guide me whenever I needed them. The help from KIC Education has made this process a walk in the park for which I am thankful to everyone. I would gladly recommend KIC Education to everyone who plans to take the SAT”
Rudra Desai, SAT (Math) Score: 800/800
“Hi, Thank you for the wishes. It was a really good experience for me in KIC and the teachers and counselors played a really crucial role in me securing such a good score. Even though there wasn’t much time for me to prepare, they helped me plan out my studies accordingly in order to ensure that I was well drilled before the date of the test. The quantitative practice that I got was particularly helpful as I only had to go through my notes once before the exam and that helped me recall everything I had learned. The verbal classes were especially useful while preparing for the analytical writing as I could plan out what I wanted to write very clearly. The methods of teaching are really great and combined with the regular tests as well as the various books and links provided by KIC, the task of giving the GRE became a whole lot easier. The counselors were always willing to help and pushed me to study and perform. All in all, joining KIC was extremely beneficial and helped me in getting the score I got. Thank you for all your help.”
Rohan Jindal, GRE Score: 321/340 TOEFL Score: 111/120
“After attempting the GMAT the first time and receiving a score of 560 I wasn’t very happy. Having heard about KIC’s extensive services from a friend I decided to sign up for their GMAT Test Series Program as I barely had 45 days in hand to prepare. I planned to take my GMAT again in this short span of time. While I was scared that improving my score in such a low amount of time would be hard, my counselor reassured me and helped me plan out my routine studies and provided me with the best resources to help succeed at my subsequent attempt. Without her help and without the help of the faculty in the doubt solving sessions, I would’ve never been able to clear this hurdle. I am grateful to KIC for helping and guiding me well.”
Ashutosh Bhuchar, GMAT Score 700/800
“When I first enrolled in KIC Education, I was a little apprehensive of the idea since I study in a different city and would only be in Mumbai during my semester holidays for two months. However, KIC stood by their word by providing me ample amount of online material and also constant guidance and support via email and phone, which is a testimony to the flexibility that KIC offers. Also, during my two months in Mumbai, they encouraged me to attend their classroom lectures which helped me a lot. During the last month of my GRE preparation, they provided me with a pre-planned schedule of practice tests that I was supposed to attempt before giving the actual GRE. The teachers and counselors were also very approachable and I could easily approach them for getting tips, clarifying doubts as well as asking questions that I was not able to solve during the practice tests. All in all, my experience at KIC was really good and they helped me in achieving my dream score!”
Shreyas Mundra, GRE Score: 336/340
“My experience with KIC Education was one of continuous learning and growth, with all credit going to their academic counselors and teachers for guiding me through. I chose KIC specifically for the flexibility that their program provides while ensuring no compromise on preparation. I must say that they delivered on their promise, and I was able to balance my college life with GRE preparation, without lagging behind even a bit in either. The exhaustive amount of resources, the tailor-made guidance from the counselors, and incredibly helpful faculty helped bring out the best in me. Also, the scoring and feedback on my performances were amazingly accurate as compared to my actual performance on the test. The classroom series was really insightful, and the thorough preparation for the test day through mock tests was immensely helpful, ensuring that I was extremely comfortable on the test. There are moments during the preparation when the going gets tough, and at those times you need your guides to stick with you, and that’s exactly what you get at KIC. I am indebted to everyone at KIC for helping me realize my dreams, and helping me get a good score. Thank you!”
Harsh Desai, GRE Score: 334/340
“I enrolled in the KIC test series. Despite the shortage of time, the schedule was very well organised. The online study material was abundant without being excessive. The topic tests covered all the relevant types of questions and was instrumental in rectifying areas where I was lacking. This in turn improved my performance in the full length tests. The counselors’ provided useful suggestions regarding how to approach certain question types. Their experience enabled me to make the best use of my time. I would recommend KIC to anyone who is preparing for GRE.”
Roshan Pasupathy, GRE Score: 331 / 340
“KIC Education has helped me achieve my dream score. The faculty helped me solve all my doubts one on one and analyse my mistakes.My counselor was very helpful and guided me with study plans and the correct approach towards my GRE preparation. I would surely recommend KIC Education to all aspirant GRE takers.”
Akanshi Mody, GRE Score: 330 / 340
“I would like to start off by thanking my teachers and counselors at KIC Education. It was because of the training regimen devised by them that I was able to do well on the GMAT. What I found most commendable was the flexibility I was afforded at KIC. I got to finish my classes and take a 5 month hiatus and then resume my training again. I doubt too many other institutes would be as accommodating. Also, the KIC classroom was available any time I chose to study or take a test there. There are a lot of books and other study materials available at KIC as well which were all quite helpful. My entire program happened at the pace I was most comfortable with. I owe a large part of my score to KIC.”
Aman Arora, GMAT Score 730/800
“The teachers,counselors and non teaching staff at KIC Andheri are very affable. Doubts and issues no matter how trivial were given due attention. Verbal was a main concern when I joined KIC, having scored 140 odd marks in my diagnostic test.. The lectures,the talks I had with the faculty members certainly helped me get a much better score . My counselor helped me chalk out a schedule , took follow ups to track my progress and also encouraged me with her pep talks at times when i was feeling low, having to deal with both college commitments and GRE. The quality of the tests and the fact that the centre remained open till 8 in the evening were extremely helpful in my last month of preparation. I would like to recommend KIC to people who want their preparation to be systematic. That being said, effort on part of the individual is of prime importance.”
Vignesh Venugopal, GRE Score: 330/340
“I joined KIC with the intention of brushing up my English to score well in the IELTS examination. I am glad that I made the right choice by choosing KIC over a number of other institutes prevailing in the city of Mumbai. I would like to thank KIC who guided me well and subjected me to work hard to overcome my weaknesses and helped me in furnishing my reading and writing skills, which would be accomplished by regular practice. Also, I would like to mention the fact that the timings were pretty flexible; which made it possible for me to visit the centre any time I was comfortable with. The study material required for the coaching was available whenever required. I will definitely recommend KIC education for the students who require coaching for IELTS exam.”
Kavita Choudhari, IELTS Score: 7.5/9
“I would definitely recommend KIC to anyone wanting to do well in GRE and TOEFL. My experience of last 3 months in KIC has been very good. Inspite of my busy work schedule, your planned guidance and constant support helped me a lot, especially in my Vocab, Grammar knowledge and Essay writing skills. The various books suggested by you, and the different mock tests planned by you, were comprehensive, effective and insightful. Moreover, the excellent tips and techniques provided by the lecturers were of great use during the mock tests and the subsequent GRE. Attending all the classes paid off well in the end. Being an average student, I certainly could not have scored well without the right path shown to me by KIC. I am grateful to you and your team. And I would definitely recommend KIC to anyone wanting to do well in GRE and TOEFL.”
Swaroop Shetty, GRE Score: 316/340 TOEFL Score: 107/120
“Firstly I would like to thank my mentor Ms. Divya, who did a great job in helping me out with my weaknesses and working on them. My weak area was reading and she put in proper emphasis on that and helped me overcome my weakness and come out successfully. I have scored overall 8 bands and will be applying for Australian immigration. One on one attention was given and all aspects were covered very professionally with class timings being flexible , as per my convenience.”
Mansimran Jeet, IELTS Score: 8/9
“KIC Education implements the perfect strategy for students to score well. The books and references provided along with perfect counselling guidance makes KIC Education worth joining. 14-15 mock tests in the end makes the original test a normal test and not the test to be intimidated by. All the essays were checked by the counsellor and provided with some valuable inputs. The strategies provided were effective during the test. Frequent tests act as a building block for the final test and critical during the entire process. Idyllic class environment, perfect resources, concise teaching and brilliant counselling makes KIC Education an integral component in defining your success.”
Parth Parekh, GRE Score: 329/340
“KIC is a state-of-the-art institute, providing a nurturing environment which cultivates a students’ true potential. You are exposed to all possible types of questions during well-paced lectures, have access to the best books in market via KIC’s vast library, get experienced guidance at every step during personalized counselling sessions, any doubt (no matter how trivial) is solved at your own pace in special doubt-solving lectures, and most importantly – you have access to 15-20 full-length computerized practice tests that aptly simulate exam conditions.”
Suhani Singhal, GRE Score: 330/340
“My experience with KIC has been great! KIC provided me with a combination of exhaustive classroom sessions, study material and practice tests which rigorously prepared me for even the worst on test day. My amazing counselor helped me devise personalized test-taking strategies and kept me motivated throughout my prep. Whenever I needed help with a topic, the people at KIC always did their best to help me with a book, video lecture or a professor to solve my doubts. Also, I joined their GRE program in the exclusive SP batch which allowed me to juggle GRE prep and college exams hassle free. When I joined KIC 330 was a dream score and KIC made my dreams come true!”
Surbhi Kadam, GRE Score: 330/340
“My experience with KIC has been a wonderful one for many reasons. The counselor’s guidance that we received was a major factor that helped me study as we were always motivated and our tests, study schedule were always chalked out right from day one. It was also ensured that we always stuck to the given schedule and completed the required books and tests on time. The class was kept open on weekdays till late in the evening for us and it proved to be very useful for us since we could study there after the college hours and utilize the time,that would have been wasted otherwise. Apart from hard work, it is very essential that one gets guided in the right direction, and indeed KIC guided me perfectly to achieve my dream score. The expert guidance & strategies that I got, the variety of books that I was accessible to and the innumerable full length tests that I gave, undoubtedly contributed to my score of 329 in the GRE and I am immensely thankful to KIC for helping me achieve my target score.”
Hitali Sheth, GRE Score: 329/340
“I would like to thank everyone especially the counselors at KIC education for their immense help and support during my GRE preparation. My counselors charted out just the right study plan for me keeping in mind my other commitments and weak areas; thereby making my preparation systematic and organized. Moreover, the vast array of books in the library along with other resources at KIC made my practice thorough and comprehensive. Overall my experience with KIC was pleasant and positive. I would definitely recommend KIC Education to the aspiring test takers”
Samarth Shah, GRE Score 324/340
“My experience at KIC Education was a fulfilling one. The faculty were efficient and the staff very helpful. It felt like a second home. I was overwhelmed by the support I received at KIC Education from my counselors and based on my satisfaction level, I recommend all GRE aspirants to join KIC Education for their preparation. The KIC preparatory structure is very well organized and flexible. Overall, it was wonderful being part of the KIC community and I am glad I chose KIC Education for my GRE Preparation.”
Nishant Shirodkar , GRE Score: 320/340
“I secured 318 marks in GRE, credit goes to KIC counselors and its faculties. Only because of them a good amount of confidence had been built in me. Due to timely, valuable and precise teaching and guidance by the faculties, i could achieve this success. The personal guidance and counselling helped me in improving my scores.”
Mrunmayee Deshpande, GRE Score: 318/340
“I had a great experience studying at KIC during my entire course of GRE prepration. The staff is really supportive and helped me through all the difficulties I faced during the preparation lectures taken by faculties geared us up to crack every section in the exam successfully. Also the resources provided by KIC like books,CDS,and notes were an add on to the entire process of prepration. I really thank KIC for mentoring me and helping me crack GRE.”
Karishma Jain, GRE Score: 318/340
“KIC Education has helped in my decision of pursuing MS abroad in every possible way. The faculty and staff have constantly provided their guidance. Not only did the coaching institute provide an excellent preparation material but also gave constant support and useful feedbacks which kept me motivated as well as reduced the stress of the GRE exam. They made sure I got my doubts cleared and kept e updated with the faculty’s schedule so that I don’t miss out on anything and could make the most of the opportunity. The schedule was planned according to my convenience which all the more made me feel so comfortable and ready for my exam. Overall the institute kept every single commitment they made on the day I joined. This entire preparation journey was possible only because of their guidance and encouragement.”
Ramya Kumar, GRE Score: 312/340
“KIC has helped in shaping my success path for GRE. The guidance of the counselors has proved to be very helpful throughout the process along with their extensive analysis of the grey areas that I needed to improve on. Furthermore the test schedule planned by KIC is very comprehensive and helpful.”
Parth Panchmatia, GRE Score: 320/340
“It has been an amazing experience learning with KIC. I have always had support and encouragement from the counselors. They have guided me throughout the entire process and have helped me improve where I was found lacking.The entire staff has always been very helpful and resourceful. The study material provided has been a great help towards achieving my score. I thank the entire staff of KIC Andheri branch for making it possible for me to achieve this feat.”
Bhairavi Mehta, GRE Score: 330/340
“KIC excels in the practice of organization and structure. They have a unique ability to amalgamate a strict discipline with developing an informal milieu which encourages students to voice their doubts and concerns without a specter of hesitation. I started off as a rebel who never gave any tests and was defiant about it. 4 months before my GRE my counselor sat down with me and we casually discussed my approach towards the exam. I soon realized that my nonchalant attitude was derogatory and with my semester exams coming up I hardly had any time left to dedicate to GRE. Soumitra Mam then charted out an entire schedule for my tests along with deadlines and later on Gaya Mam charted out a schedule for 17 the full length tests. At KIC the counselors take up the responsibility for your marks. They will provide you with a plethora of material and an extensive range of exhaustive tests. Along with the routine lectures they also conduct several doubt lectures and assess your essays as well. They will prepare you for every possible scenario. At KIC, they will guide you through the entire process, they will call you, message you, mail you, do whatever is necessary to remind you that you need to study and give your tests and to make sure you are well prepared to give your exam! I remember getting frantic after giving one of the full lengths and calling up Gaya Mam to ask for advice. As soon as she picked up the call I realized it was 10:30 in the night and that I should have probably waited till morning before calling her. I immediately apologized for disturbing her so late at night, however she was very supportive and went on to guide me regarding my next step and told me not to worry about one bad test. Such kind of approachability is rare to come by. The guidance, dedication, concern, experience and approachability witnessed at KIC is unparalleled.”
Vineet Trivedi, GRE Score: 332/340
“The classes were of great help. The comprehensive approach that you adopted helped me master all the concepts. The teaching and supporting faculty were extremely courteous and helpful which makes KIC a great choice for any aspiring student.”
Amrit Mammen, GRE Score: 327/340
“KIC proved to be a very positive experience for me. The classes were interactive and the teachers were always available for help even after the classroom sessions. The online resources provided in terms of books and practice tests along with the classes definitely played a huge rule in helping me reach my target score!”
Samyukta Ravishankar, GRE Score: 317/340
“In my first diagnostic GRE, I scored 308/340. By the time I finished studying with KIC, I was scoring almost 330/340. The best thing about KIC is the focus and attention you are given by your mentor. My mentor Sonali, tracked my scores and identified areas for improvement on a daily basis. Before my GRE, I was generally frightened of public exams but KIC gave me the confidence to do well. The library is well-stocked with books and the content in the classes is excellent. I would recommend KIC to everyone. I have got admission into Columbia University and I got into Yale with 50% scholarship so I will be heading there in August for a Masters in International Affairs.”
Shravan Bhat, GRE Score: 325/340
“I had enrolled into KIC’s GRE Program way back in January 2014 and after attending all the lectures for the various topics in Quant and Verbal, I sort of took a break for a couple of months in Summer 2014 as I was interning in a research lab so could not devote time to studying for the GRE. However, once that internship concluded, I returned to the books and studied intensively for a couple of months and gave the exam in January 2015. Thankfully, the counselor’s advice and assistance streamlined my learning process and ensured that I could complete all the Mock Tests as well as the books well within time. I joined KIC’s GRE program, and again, looking back, I am glad I did this as even though acquaintances may advise you that it is possible to study for the GRE on your own – this really depends on the kind of undergraduate course you are enrolled into and also, how burdensome it can really get. As a student of the Pharmaceutical Sciences, the program is extremely extensive and the timings take up most of my weekdays. As such, I would normally have pushed studying for my GRE, but because of KIC and the counselors, I regularly practiced and this eventually did help me in my final score. As a lasting note to this, I am extremely grateful to everyone at the KIC-Bandra branch for all their help and support. Regarding preparation, my advice would be to, of course, join KIC’s program and more importantly, stay in constant touch with your counselors, whether via email, meetings or even on the phone. Do this even if you are irregular in your study plans, as their help and advice would really channelize your weak and strong points. Give all the mock tests seriously, but also keep in mind that no simulation of the real GRE in any way can give you even the slightest experience of the real exam. Good luck “
Tarun Bhatia, GRE Score: 318/340
“Thank you for all your help and guidance! I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching process at KIC and I found the test series especially helpful in preparing for my GRE exam. The doubt solving sessions too were helpful as one-on-one sessions helped me clear out even basic mistakes in understanding that I had. I scored a 322 on my final exam with equal distribution of 161 in both verbal and quantitative. This is in part due to the immense help I got at KIC. Thank you very much for all the guidance.”
Akriti Kaul, GRE Score: 322/340
“I enrolled at KIC for my GRE coaching. Even though I was pretty late to begin my preparations, I appreciate the counselors at KIC drafting a specific study routine for me accordingly. The professors who conducted the classes were supremely helpful and open to explaining the same concept multiple times, if that’s what it took. For a slow learner like me, I really appreciate that. They put me through multiple extensive and elaborate testing sessions and successfully created a simulated test day environment. It ensured that I did not face anything unknown on test day. All in all, I’m really happy with my experience with KIC “
Chirag Madhrani, GRE Score: 311/340
“KIC Education has the best of teachers and counselors whose guidance and support has helped me tremendously. Sonali Ma’am stood by me when I didn’t believe I could do it. She motivated me to do better and believed in me. KIC Education makes it so easy for us to study with the wide range of preparatory books and the KIC study material. Also, the classroom has the perfect study environment. Moreover, the presence of the counselor who keeps a watch on our progress while we study in the classroom definitely accelerates the rate of our preparation and leaves no room for us to get distracted. Thank you!”
Shamin Bhavnani, GRE Score: 327/340
“Considering the tight schedule of an Engineering program, I was on a constant look out for a class that would help me balance my academics with GRE coaching. That is when I read about KIC Education and decided to join them. I attended maximum number of classes I could to do justice to my preparation for the GRE examination. Under the guidance of Sonali Ma’am I was assigned weekly work to do and was provided with a schedule in which to complete the tasks at hand. This was extremely helpful and thus, I was able to secure a score of 163 in quantitative reasoning section of the test with barely 2 weeks of preparation. I must also mention that the library at KIC Education was well stocked and updated which helped me to a great extent. The classroom was comfortable with focus on tutorials for my weaker sections. The teachers as well as the other staff were all very helpful.”
Rishabh Mahimtura, GRE Score: 314/340