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Our SAT® program is designed to help the student crack the test. We follow a unique blended approach to teaching by combining the goodness of classroom-based, instructor-led teaching with the flexibility and personalization of online support and counselor availability for every student.

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About the Test

SAT prep in Mumbai with one on one attention on the new SAT for maximum results and correct guidance

Program Snapshot


  • Result Oriented Program, not a time bound approach
  • Personalized Study Plan for every student (as per test results)
  • Progress Report Card for every student


  • Recorded sessions for revision
  • At the Center only
  • Go at your own pace


  • Mind Maps (Comprehensive Verbal and Math Concepts)
  • KIC Education’s own Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Booklets (Strategies & Question Bank)
  • Unlimited Access to Library which has the latest SAT® test prep materials


  • Internal Tests with Analysis (Quant & Verbal)
  • Full Length Practice Tests to simulate the real test experience


  • Faculty with Specialization in Test Preparation
  • Personal Counselor to Monitor Student Performance
  • Classroom Contact with Faculty
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving Sessions

Student Speak

“My overall coaching experience was exemplary. All I can say is that I owe my entire score to KIC and their immense help, motivation and inspiration. I would recommend KIC to anyone wanting to ace the SAT”
Anuja Das, SAT Score 2320/2400

About the SAT®


The SAT® (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a 3 hours test that measures i)Evidence-based Reading and Writing as well as ii)Math reasoning skills. The score for each section will be reported on a 800-point scale making a total of 1600 points. The scores are valid for 2 years.

The SAT also has an Essay writing section which is optional for 50 minutes. The essay score ranges from 2-8 points. The New SAT has no negative markings and the multiple choice options have been reduced from 5 to 4 choices.

The New SAT does not require direct use of vocabulary; instead the words have to be understood so that they can be used in contextual settings.

The test is administered four times a year in India and can be attempted more than once. Different schools have different SAT® score requirements. Better scores result in better chances of admissions from U.S. universities.

Registration for the SAT® requires a valid passport. The exam fee for New Sat is US $ 54.50+ US $ 49 = US $ 103.50 (with essay) and US $ 43 + US $ 49 = US $ 92 (without essay). To book a date you can log in to

The Compulsory Sections

Evidence Based Reading & Writing: (200-800 points)

The Evidence Based Reading section is 65 minutes long with 52 questions, all of which are passage based and multiple choice. All questions are evidence based that requires the student to analyze and interpret information given in the passages. Passages maybe paired with informational graphics such as charts or tables and will also have a series of questions based on paired passages. The passages will be drawn from U.S and World Literature, History/Social Studies and Science.

The Writing and Language section is 35 minutes long with 44 multiple choice questions based on several passages. Some passages are accompanied by informational graphics, such as tables, graphs and charts. It focuses on one’s ability to analyze and edit the content of the passage, which means one will have to correct grammar and make changes in the passage. It asks one to edit / rectify errors in sentences within the passage, identify sentences that corrects the misinterpretation of a graphical data, select sentences that sharpen an argument or add a relevant supporting detail.

Math: (200-800 points)

The Math Section is broken down into a No Calculator and a Calculator Section which is 80 minutes long with 58 questions. Majority of questions are multiple choice, but there will be some student – produced response questions which are known as Grid-ins; (instead of choosing from 4 answer choices the student will have to solve the problem and enter an answer by circling/shading the appropriate numbers).

The Math test is divided into 4 main areas: (1) Heart of Algebra, (2) Problem Solving and Data Analysis, (3) Passport to Advanced Math, and (4) Additional topics in Math which include Geometry and Trigonometry.

The Optional Section

Essay: (2-8 Points)

The New Sat has an optional Essay that is 50 minutes long. It is recommended that the student takes the SAT exam with the Essay as some schools may require the essay score. Students will be provided a passage and will be asked to analyse how the author effectively builds his or her argument. The essay will not require the student to write about a personal experience or argue with a position; rather it requires the student to understand the techniques used by the author to write persuasively and support one’s explanation with evidence from the passage.

All passages have the following things in common:

  • Written for a broad audience
  • Arguing on a point
  • Expressing subtle views on complex subjects
  • Using logical reasoning and evidence to support claims
  • Examine ideas, debates or trends in the arts and sciences, or civic, cultural, or political life
  • Always taken from published works

A successful essay shows one’s understanding of how the author builds an argument by examining the author’s use of evidence, reasoning, and other stylistic and persuasive techniques, supporting and developing claims with well-chosen evidence from the passage.

Other Information

To check where the SAT® is administered in your city, visit the Collegeboard test center page.

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