Why Choose Us?


With more than 15 years of experience coaching for the SAT®, GRE®, GMAT® and other standardized tests, KIC Education is second to none when it comes to preparing you for your test.

- Proven approach to learning: We don't believe in using tricks to crack the test. We focus on a skill-based approach that leads to mastery. Our teaching philosophy is based on three key elements – concept, application and strategy.

- Faculty with a specialization in test prep: Our teachers aren't just Mathematics or English experts – they specialize in preparing students for standardized tests such as the SAT®, GRE® and GMAT® using our modular teaching philosophy that has spelled success for our students in the past.

Student Focus:

At KIC we understand that every individual is unique. To guarantee success, the KIC program is customized for each student.

- Personalized study plan: KIC Counselors design a study plan for each student based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. While no two plans are the same, the end result is the same for every student.

- Personal counselor for each student: Each student is assigned an expert counselor who guides the student throughout the program and ensures that he or she is well prepared by the exam date.

- Small batches to ensure individual attention: Our program is oriented towards excellent results with small batch sizes that allow faculty to give attention to every student.

- Testing and Analysis: Every student appears for a number of 'Full Length Tests' at the center, and analyzes them, based on which the counselor charts the student's progress and points out corrective measures to improve his / her performance.


Students at KIC have unlimited access to

• Laptops and Software
• Air Conditioned study room space
• Updated reading material

Proven Results:

When it comes to results, KIC students have excelled.

High Scores: KIC students have cracked the SAT®, GRE®, GMAT® averaging close to the 90th percentile in all three tests.

Admission into Top Universities: KIC students have secured admissions and scholarships to the top universities and programs in the US including Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and many more.

Institutional Partnerships: The strength of the KIC program is reflected in some of the most prestigious institutions inviting us to prepare their students for their test.

But the most meaningful measure of how well we are doing comes from the feedback of the students we serve. Click here to see testimonials from some of our students.